Friday, March 21, 2014

Keeping Your Hair Healthy with Hair Extensions

We always want what we don't have and hair is no different. Hair extensions have become an extreme demand for women (and some men) of all different races. However we want to share how to avoid damage to your natural hair  with following a few simple tips.

Do Your Homework

There are many different methods for applying hair extensions and not all of them are good for your natural hair depending on it's texture and density do your research. You should know your options before making a choice.

The Right Stylist

After you've chosen the best method for your hair, choose the right hair stylist. While most stylists will get the job done to your liking, you want to make sure that they're also taking care of your natural hair. Ask questions about the products they use and let them know of any problems (with another stylist or complications with certain products) you've incurred in the past.  While you want to look good, the health of your hair is equally important.


Don't Ignore Your Hair

Even when you have your extensions in it's important not to ignore your scalp and roots. At least once a week you should (gently) shampoo and deep condition your scalp. (It is possible, no matter what method you've chosen)

Do It Yourself/Maybe

If after a couple of trips to the salon you think you've got the method down and want to try it yourself... think again. Your stylist has gone through months of training to learn the best techniques.  Be careful if you trying to duplicate from being a spectator. Make sure you feel very comfortable before installing or removing extensions.  There are classes and instructional videos that will help you be successfully when working with extensions. If in doubt for whatever reason, wait until your next appointment so a professional can install or take them out properly.


Too Much of Anything is a Bad Thing

While you can extend their usage by following these tips your hair still needs to breath every once in a while If you can manage it, try going without the extensions for at least a month every 4 to 6 months.


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