Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hair Extension Techniques 101

hair extensions 101

Extension Techniques:

Bonding or gluing: You will need to use the weft hair extensions and bonding glue for this method. The glue is used sparingly on the weft and placed near the scalp on your natural hair. Always follow the instructions on the bottle for proper usage and removal. This technique lasts 2–6 weeks.

Weaving or sewing: The natural hair must have a "track" in order for it to be sewn in. One method of building a "track" is to cornrow the natural hair and then sew the hair extension onto the "track" with a weaving needle and thread. This technique lasts 4–8 weeks.

Fusion: This is a strand-by-strand method of bonding the hair. The hair can be attached using glue or micro-link application methods. Use loose strand hair extensions like I-Tip or U-Tip, and then "bond" onto the natural hair, near the scalp. This technique will give a more natural look adding length, volume and highlights. This technique lasts 3–6 weeks.

Clip-in or ready-to-wear: This is a "quick style" technique that doesn't require a lot of time or effort. These hair extensions are usually quick and easy to put on and take off. It is a simple and quick way to change your look. This technique is for daily wear.

Tape-in hair: Pre-taped pieces of hair are safely adhered directly to the natural hair with a uniquely formulated adhesive which helps minimize damage and keep hair intact. This technique lasts 3–6 weeks.

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