Thursday, July 25, 2013

Style Your Hair Extensions to Fit the Shape of Your Face

Your Face Shape

and the Styles to go with it

When styling your hair extensions it’s important to consider your face shape to appeal to your best features. Look your best with the hair style that fits your face shape.

Heart: A middle part long layer is always a plus for a heart shape face and it show off your beautiful bone structure.
For example look at: Katie Holmes and Keri Russell

Long: you can rock a nice body wave with an off center part be careful with bone straight hair styles not to elongate your face

For example look at: Megan Fox

Oval: you’re a very lucky girl you can rock almost any hairstyle

For example look at: Cindy Crawford, Cameron Diaz, and Leah Michele

Triangle: you can try a nice chicness bang with lose waves or bone straight either or. Show off those glamorous   check bones.

For example look at: Madonna and Reese Witherspoon

Square: embraces your bone structure you pull your hair back maybe even bun or a long pony tail and bang can also work with your face

For example look at: Demi Moore and Keira Knightly

Round:  Middle parts are a great fashion trend but not everyone can rock it but you certainly can  with a body wave maybe even lose waves  or curls

For example look at: Kelly Clarkson and Kate Hudson

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